App developers have to create an administration section to manage their dynamic content. This traps the content inside the app. Content owners either have to hard code everything, create multiple admin systems, or complicated integration solutions. Maintaining and updating disparate systems becomes an enormous challenge.

Value Proposition

Provide a single API enabled digital content management system for distributed apps.

Our Solution

Our solution was to provide a web link that would be added to apps. This resource would convert digital content held in a central database to dynamic content in the app.

By fully separating the storage of dynamic content from the app, content owners have the freedom to place their digital content in as many applications as they need to. As well as move their content to new apps with no penalty.

Technically we built a fully automated platform using the latest DevOps methodology. The solution uses continuous delivery to deploy changes from development, staging, to production in a matter of minutes.

Using Mansion OS elastic server technology, the system dynamically grows and shrinks to meet changing computer demand.  

  • Year: 2015
  • Scope: Consulting, system architecture, software development, and website design
  • Client: daBANQ
  • URL: dabanq.com